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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hollyweird by Terri Clark

Hollyweird by Terri Clark
"My best friend, Des, and I totally freaked when we won the contest to meet THE Dakota Danvers in Hollywood. But now we’re finding out he’s SO not the angel everyone believes him to be. In fact, Dakota is the son of Satan, wreaking havoc on Hollywood and creating an evil army hellbent on world domination.

Lucky for us, Dakota’s super-cute personal assistant, Jameson, is a fallen angel trying to get his wings back, and he’s working undercover to squash his demon boss’s plan. If Jameson hadn’t taken me under his wing I’d be in serious trouble, because I’m a total newb when it comes to conquering evil. But, truth be told, that sexy angel’s got me all aflutter and may be one temptation I can’t resist."- summary from Amazon

I absolutely loved Clark's debut Sleepless and have been looking forward to a new book from her for years! Finally, we have a second book and it's such a fun, paranormal read which is hard to find. I loved the humor in this book though it never detracted from the serious nature of what Dakota was doing.

Aly was a great main character and I loved her voice, but I especially loved her friend Des and their interactions together. Clark did a good job making their very close friendship show. I also really enjoyed seeing them give into temptations, which I probably shouldn't but I did anyway.

Overall, the book was really fun to read and I think it's the perfect summer read to bring with you to the pool or just your backyard. I really hope Clark doesn't take too long between books this time because I definitely need more of her witty writing!

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  1. This one looks super cute. I'm glad to hear it's as fun as it looks!

  2. Thanks so much, James. It means a lot that you enjoyed it. :)