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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Commerical Breaks #1: Famous for Thirty Seconds by P.G. Kain

Famous for Thirty Seconds by P.G. Kain
"Brittany Rush is the face of Gotta Have It candy bars, the hands of Write On pencils, the hair of Knot Me Not detangle spray and the voice of Mom, It's Delicious! soups. Brittany has been appearing in commercials and print ads since her backside was the official derriere of Simply Dry Diapers. The queen of callbacks, she is distraught when her family moves to Hong Kong for a year, forcing her to be an anonymous kid in a foreign country. When she (finally!) returns stateside, she's eager to resume her steady diet of go-sees, auditions, callbacks, and bookings in NYC. But to her shock, Brittany realizes that in the year that she was gone, she lost her title as the unconquerable cute kid: Now she's just one of the many pretty girls waiting her turn. Will Brittany be able to steal back her spotlight? Or will she discover there's more to life than being a commercial success?"- summary from Amazon

It's been a long time since I've read a middle-grade book and I kinda missed them! So couple that with the fact that this involves a behind-the-scenes look at commercial auditions and how they get made? I'm in heaven. I absolutely loved this book and Brittany was a good, flawed character. I really enjoyed reading her story and her voice just kept me flipping pages.

There's a cute little romance going on too, which I loved. Plus, I liked the added aspect of Brittany's drawing and love of art. It showed the reader a different side of her than just her love of doing commercials and her intense focus on that part of her life. It was interesting too watching her realize that she's not what she thinks she is and trying to figure out her true self outside of acting. Kain did a wonderful job nailing Brittany's voice and making it ring true.

Overall, a fantastic start to a series and I cannot wait for the next books! Book 1 is out now, with Books 2 and 3 following in July and November, respectively.

FTC: Received finished paperback from author. Link above is an Amazon Associate link; any profit goes toward funding contests.

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