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Monday, April 30, 2012

Meandering Monday- Jessica Spotswood/Miranda Kenneally Signing

Alright, so I am way late in recapping this, partly because of my break in March but also because of my extreme procrastination. The event was held March 10 in the late afternoon at One More Page bookstore in Arlington, VA.

My mom was kind enough to drive and come with me, especially since we had to parallel park, which I am not good at. The bookstore was in a pretty nice part of town and my mom left me at the bookstore to go take a walk around. I was a couple minutes late, but I wasn't the only late one; people were still coming in half an hour after it started.

I came in the middle of Jessica's reading, and then afterward, Miranda and Jessica took questions from the audience and there were some really great questions. There was talk about how YA has changed over the years, why there's such a bounty of female authors in YA (they had no answer, other than that it rocked, lol), and what brought them to YA in the first place.

It was a really nice event and I got my book signed by Jessica and a picture with her, and I wish I'd had money to buy Miranda's cuz I've heard such wonderful things about it. I may have to see if my library has it...

Anyway, something else that was interesting too was that there were a lot of bloggers/writers in the audience, which I didn't realize until after the fact, lol. The only one I recognized was Michelle of GalleySmith but I think the reason it was so well attended is because of the DC YA Mafia, which includes Rick Lipman (who's now represented by my friend Pam!) and many other writers, the full list of which you can find on the sidebar of Rick's website. As you can see, Miranda and Jessica are part of it too. Hopefully someday I can spend some time with them; I had no idea (obviously) that there were so many awesome DC YA lovers! I'm always out of the loop.

Picture 1- The outside of the store, which also had a wine and chocolate corner.
Picture 2- Jessica and Miranda getting ready to sign. Also, whatever book that is in the corner is apparently EPIC!
Picture 3- Jessica and I, with Miranda and Michelle in the background. Also, Jessica has the smallest, neatest handwriting. It's crazy.

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