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Monday, November 21, 2011

Meanding Monday- Update on Reading Goals

So I spent some time on Twitter last night and came across Andye of ReadingTeen's tweet about her sharing The Mortal Instruments series with one of her friends. I had forgotten that series existed and I know that tons of people love it, so I'm adding it to my list of reading goals. I will do it in April, after Hunger Games next month, Harry Potter in Jan and Feb, and Twilight in March.

The Harry Potter comment set off an explosion of tweets and discussion. By the time it finished, there were 33 tweets about my having not read Harry Potter and how I should read them (physical or audio). Thanks to Andye of ReadingTeen, Sherry, Gail, and Emily for the wonderful conversation. :)

If there's any other completed series (or even just singular books) out there you think I should read, please leave a comment! There's a ton of stuff I may be forgetting. Also, I'm the guy who has yet to read Harry Potter, so don't be shy about recommending extremely popular series (though keep Meg Cabot out of it because I've read 95% of her books).

As for how my goals are going so far, I finished The Iron Daughter and am now a few pages into The Iron Queen, so my goal for this month seems to be going well though I need to step up how much I read a day. But I do have the place to myself all day later this week, so I'll be using that to focus on reading. While I did like The Iron Daughter, I felt it really dragged in the first third before Puck showed up. Puck really livened things up (along with Grimalkin and surprisingly Ironhouse- love all those caps) and got me more invested in the story. Going in, I really didn't get all the Ash love, hence the slow beginning since it was just Meghan stuck in Winter Court pining over Ash. But at the end of Iron Daughter and now reading the beginning of Iron Queen, I'm seeing it a little more. But I do think I'll always be Team Puck. I mean, he's just so awesome, funny and hot! So if Meghan doesn't want him, I guess I'll take him off her hands. :D

What did you all think of Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa?

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