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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Away by Teri Hall

Away by Teri Hall
"After crossing the Line, Rachel finds herself in a world where survival is never guaranteed - a world where bizarre creatures roam the woods and people have strange abilities. Everything has gone to ruin Away and the survivors have banded into warring clans. Rachel finds her father being held prisoner by a tribe of Others, and she and her new friends set out to rescue him. But when they cross back over the Line, Rachel and Pathik make a foolish decision, bringing them into further danger that can only be resolved with an unthinkable sacrifice."- summary from Amazon

I really enjoyed The Line, though did think it dragged a bit in the beginning. This sequel doesn't drag at all. It pulled me in from the beginning and kept me turning the pages. I loved getting to learn about the world of Away and its inhabitants, The Others. The search for Rachel's father was really suspenseful and action-packed.

Crossing back over the Line to get Rachel's mom and friends was fun to read about and then the "foolish decision" (from the summary) of Pathik and Rachel really raised the stakes and I was a bit shocked at the way it ended up. It was an interesting way of resolving that situation. The ending was like that of The Line- it ends this book's adventure and I was satisfied, but there could definitely be more coming and I wouldn't mind reading more about this world and these characters.

Overall, a great follow-up and I can't wait to read more from Hall.

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  1. Where in America does Away take place? Trying to make a map for a book project.