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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask Book Chic (25)

Here's another new edition of Ask Book Chic, where I answer various questions from readers. Questions can be submitted on any of these posts at any time and they can be about anything. I'm an open book. Now let's get to today's wonderful questions!

Kim Pickett asks "Six cats! Do they read with you? I hope you keep on blogging- I love reading your posts. :)"

Sometimes they do. It depends on where I am and what I'm doing. It's harder for them to read with me when I am reading an e-galley on my computer since my lap is taken up, lol. But if I'm reading a physical book on the couch or in my bed, they'll be around either on my lap or somewhere next to me. It's very cute and they purr, so that's fun.

I totally plan on blogging for a while to come, don't worry!

Next Level asks "Do you take pictures of yourself with authors at signings? If so do you keep a scrapbook or posterboard up? also what is your most memorable author interview/signing?"

I do! It's a good way of remembering the event and meeting the author. At BEA though, it's harder to do pictures because the signings are quick and the way they're constructed in the Autographing Area, just not practical but it just depends. I was able to get one with Jocelyn Davies, author of A Beautiful Dark, because she wanted to and also because I was the last person in line, lol. But taking pictures of author events is one of the best parts of going to them. I don't have a scrapbook or anything, but I should try to make a Facebook album or something. The pictures are shown here though when I do event recaps so there's always that.

My most memorable interview is probably my first one with Meg Cabot back in 2007 when my blog wasn't even a month old! Meg is such a sweetheart and a champion of book bloggers. As for most memorable signing, I would say the Sarah Dessen one I went to in 2008 where I met her as well as David Levithan (I KNOW!!!) and Melissa Walker (DOUBLE I KNOW!!!) or the This is Teen event I went to this year with the VIP Meet and Greet beforehand where I got to spend time chatting and mingling with Meg Cabot, Libba Bray, Maggie Stiefvater, and Scholastic employees that I correspond with. Both were fantastic events!

ereader89 asks "Do you ever listen to music while you read? If so what kind is your favorite to read to?"

I simply can't. Music distracts me from doing anything and everything, except a very few activities like driving and showering. But reading is up there- having music on pulls me out of the story and I can't focus. I also end up just singing along, which isn't good when I'm supposed to be reading. I did find that I can listen to remixes while doing research or writing because most have long instrumental parts and so no words are there to distract me and the ones that are don't take me out of the song because they're still placed differently from the original song I know.

So, long story short (too late), no, I can't listen to music when I read.

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  1. ACK! I can't imagine reading without music! Although sometimes, I know what you mean. A story is just too good to have interference.