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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ask Book Chic (2)

Here's the second installment of Ask Book Chic with questions from when I first brought it back. Thanks for all the new questions on the 1st edition of Ask Book Chic- I hope to get to them all soon! Now, without further ado, more about moi:

The Book Vixen asks "What book should everyone read at least once before dying?"

That's a tough question because not everyone has the same tastes, but if I had to pick one, it would be off of my re-read list that I mentioned last time. My pick is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman because if the Apocolypse is anything like this, you need to be prepared.

Susan of Wastepaper Prose asks "What author has elicited/would elicit your biggest fanboy response?

If it's already happened, tell us the story. If it hasn't, tell us why you think meeting that person would make you go fanboy."

You know, I don't know. I feel like the more I get to know authors through email and their web presence, I'm getting more comfortable meeting them in person and being able to chat a bit. I have and do still get tongue tied though (and am fanboying on the inside)- when I met David Levithan (who probably does not remember me at all) at a Sarah Dessen signing (while chatting with Melissa Walker, no less!), I was stunned into silence and could not say a word. He was mainly there to chat with Melissa, so they did that, but Melissa did introduce me and I got to shake David's hand. I vowed not to wash it again, but that lasted like a day because it's hard to keep a hand dirty while in the shower. Also, because I like my hygiene even though I tend to fail at it sometimes.

Aside from that, I'd probably say Meg Cabot has elicited the fanboy from me. This is from WAY before I became a blogger and was just a mere member of her book forums. She knew who I was (it helps being the only prominent male on a forum full of girls) and was excited to see and meet me. It happened at the National Book Festival in DC back in September 2005. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture with Meg (to my knowledge; maybe I did- I have no idea.) so I'll need to be sure to get one if I ever see her again.

Ashley asks "Why do you enjoy YA books so much?

What is your favourite genre?"

I guess I enjoy YA so much because it's just so diverse and original. I can pick up a couple books and have them all be different. It's nice to go from a romantic comedy to urban fantasy to murder mystery all in the span of 3 books. I also feel like there's so much originality and creativity happening in the YA genre and I'm happy that it's getting much more coverage in recent years. It's a wonderful genre that more people need to be taking note of.

I enjoy a lot of different genres, but my favorite is probably romantic comedy. I love to laugh, and it makes me happy to read about couples getting together. It's also the genre I'd most likely want to write.


  1. Great answers! I think I'd be tongue-tied meeting Meg Cabot, especially if she knew my name.

  2. I was still a tad tongue-tied and of course afterward, I thought of a ton of things to say. Like, she only signed my books fairly generically, just with my name. I should have had her write in my PD book "To James, a true princess" because I think that'd be funny.

    That's how it always works with authors. I always forget to say something.

  3. Great answers!

    I love Good Omens, it's so much fun!

  4. I have a question

    See I read only 56 pages of a sara dessen novel could I still say I read it? like on Good reads could I still put it on my "read" "shelf" ?

  5. Fabulous answers! (Sorry I'm a little late reading this lol)

    Here's a question for next time. :D

    Where is your favorite place to read?

  6. Alexa- Good Omens is amazing, isn't it? hehe.

    Kit- I would say no as you didn't read the full book, unless you do plan on reading the whole thing. I don't use GoodReads but isn't there a way to add comments or something to your rating or whatever? So if you didn't like it, you could still put some sort of comment along with it.

    Rose- Your question should be up in early June. I'm working on it now. Thanks for the question!

  7. Hi, I have one for you! Do you like to listen to music or have the TV on in the background, or do you prefer quiet when you read?

  8. Thanks for answering my question :)