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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ask Book Chic- The Resurrection + Contest!

Yes, I'm finally bringing back Ask Book Chic! I have several vlogs featuring answers from the Myspace days and I may still post them sometime but for now, I'm taking new questions.

Not only that, but I may even give a book away in a contest to someone who leaves a question for me on this entry. I'm not sure what book it would be- I may pick one, or let you all pick something from my massive shelves. We shall see.

Anyway, so ask away!! You can ask me anything you like- it can be personal, blog related, reading related, writing related, author related, whatever. I just love answering questions. You can also email me if you'd rather do that instead of commenting here.

ETA: I now have a prize! I just got an extra ARC of Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti and want to give it to one of you! Enter by asking at least one question. This contest will be over on Saturday, April 3 at 9pm EST! US/Canada only please!


  1. I don't know if you ever posted if this, but what would say your top 5 or 10 all time favorite books are?

  2. Oh I know what I wanted to ask you and I keep forgetting! Do you have a GoodReads account? I'd love to be your friend on there :).

    Also, who is your favorite character from a book?

  3. I'll play!

    What's your biggest YA pet peeve?

    Also, do you write or just review books?

  4. What book should everyone read at least once before dying?

  5. What author has elicited/would elicit your biggest fanboy response?

    If it's already happened, tell us the story. If it hasn't, tell us why you think meeting that person would make you go fanboy.

  6. Why do you enjoy YA books so much?

    What is your favourite genre?


  7. Have you read any debut novels this year and if so, which one would you recommend to everyone else? There are so many coming out this year that I just don't know which ones I should read. =]

  8. This is actually a two part question if that is okay?

    1. Of all the authors you have met who is your hands down favorite?

    2. What was the craziest thing that has happened to you on the way to say a book event or suthor signing?

  9. Mean this as one question:

    What has been your favorite part about having your book blog? Why is it your favorite?

    Thanks for doing this!