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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fresh New Voice of YA- Suzanne Young Interview

1) How did you get the idea for The Naughty List? Was it always a series idea?

It actually wasn’t. My first idea was to write about ninja cheerleaders—but as I began, it turned into a love story. Then Tessa poured onto the page in all of her perky goodness and I found myself completely invested in her. When Razorbill read the book, they felt she’d be a great character to follow through a few more books. And a series was born!

2) What is your writing process like? Being a mom, I'm assuming it can be hard to find time to write, revise, edit, be on deadline, etc. How do you manage it all?

Do I manage it all? Haha Luckily, my family is starting to adapt. When I’m on a deadline, we get a lot of pizza and the house gets REALLY messy. But on a typical day, I wake up—feed the kids and take them to school. Then I click around the internet for a few hours. If there’s time left, I write. Unless I have a deadline. Then I’m chained to my computer.

3) What book(s) are you reading now, or are about to start?

Great question! I’ve been reading a lot lately. I just finished Flash Burnout, Beautiful Creatures, Shiver and Perfect Chemistry. I adored all of them.

4) You're a part of the Tenners. How did you get involved with this group, and how has it helped you in getting ready for the release of your book?

The Tenners has been great!!! I’m not really sure how I got involved, to be honest. My fearless moderators were already there and it was pretty early in the creation. But since then the Tenners have GROWN! And we are so supportive of one another. It’s wonderful to have people to talk with who are in a similar situation. And it helped us really become available to bloggers. I’m a lucky girl.

Since Suz and Josh know each other so well, I let them turn the tables on each other so they can ask their own questions. So here is Josh's interview with Suz:

How does it feel to share your release month with the great Josh Berk? Must be pretty intimidating. That guy is so great! And man, he's handsome! Wow.

Oh, is he the guy that wrote Thirteen Reasons Why? I love that book! Hold on a sec. What? Who? What the hay is Hamburger Halpin? Oh….. him.

Just kidding. I’m actually completely honored to have a book out the same time as Josh. He is the funniest, goofiest person I know—and that’s exactly how his book reads. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s twice the writer I am. Luckily I’m more photogenic.

I understand that you are a scientist in addition to being a writer. Maybe you can explain this to me: How is it that the Higgs boson is the only Standard Model particle that has not been observed? Is it merely a hypothetical massive scalar elementary particle or, if the Standard Model in particle physics is to be believed, might it exist in nature?

That is a fine question, Mr. Berk. According to my standard model (aka: wikipedia) the Higgs Boson is unlike anything I've ever encountered. Mainly because I failed high school chemistry. I also went on to fail physics. What I did pass was Biology. Yep. The study of the human body. Which makes my writing way more interesting than any science experiment could. So suck it, Berk.

One of the many hilarious and wonderful things in The Naughty List is your creative way to curse without cursing. Do you really say stuff like "apple dippers!" in real life? Or do you swear like a sailor? What is your favorite four-letter word? Do you ever get really raunchy and yell out "boner soup!" when surprised?

You know, boner soup has never crossed my lips. HAHA However, I do swear quite a bit in real life. That was how I knew that my character wouldn’t. She’s way classier than me. And my favorite four letter word? Frak

You know, it's not just boyfriends who are cheaters. There should be a book about some sort of a list for girlfriends who cheat on their boyfriends. Like when they say that they can't go to the Soundgarden concert with you because their grandmother died and then you go by yourself and what do you see after the show? Your "girlfriend" making out with the lead guitarist in the parking lot! And note I said the LEAD GUITARIST -- that's not even the good-looking guy in Soundgarden. THAT'S THE ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE AN OWL.

Um… who’s Soundgarden? Kidding. But really, sounds like you have some unresolved anger. Would you like to talk about it? Besides being a brilliant scientist, I’m also a brilliant therapist. What was your childhood like?

Oh, and keep reading the series. There is equal opportunity cheating.


  1. hahaha I LOVE Tessa's expletives! I am trying to pepper my classroom speech with them. maybe it will keep me from dropping the f bomb so much around my children, too! ;)

  2. Suz is adorable just like peanutbutter pears Tessa!

  3. Oooh, I loved this interview!
    Suz is so much fun :))
    And great questions, Bookchic :D