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Friday, July 17, 2009

In My Mailbox- Week of July 6

YES! FINALLY, I have become motivated enough to upload and post this vlog. Just so you know, everything I talk about in this vlog (grandma's bday and RWA) has already happened. Here you go!

Two things-

1) Do you want me to upload the almost 12 minute video onto Blogger? I do think it's more fun cuz I got to ramble, lol. But it's up to you guys!

2) This week's IMM vlog will be in two parts, because of the RWA books I have to show off. I did Part 1 earlier today and it'll be up on Sunday (or maybe even late Saturday) and then Part 2 on Monday or Tuesday. RWA recap(s) will be up next week, although I do think I should post my Elizabeth Scott/Claudia Gray signing recap first though... still need to work on it though, lol. Also, expect a new review this coming week too!


  1. Yes, post the 12-minute ramble video. Why? I don't know, I just like when people posts videos talking about books and rambling. I know, I'm weird.

  2. Go ahead and post the 12 min vid!
    Have fun at your grandme's bday party!

  3. James - I'm so glad you went to see your grandma on her birthday, even if she couldn't par-tay! (that part made me laugh)

    My grandma had a stroke and loved it when people came to see her. She's no longer with us and I miss her EVERY day. So hearing you talk about going to see your grandma on her birthday made me love you that much more.

    Man, I so need to get some new bookmarks! I will make sure they are extra spectacular when I finally do! :)

  4. Yeah! I'm all for 12 minute rants on short hard covers!
    I'm no hard cover fan.

    I hope you had fun with you Grandma. Grandmas = Love.