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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picture Post- Books, A Cat, and Melted Candles!

Quick News- I was interviewed over at Peace, Love, Vote Books! Go check it out here!

Yes, I'm back with another Picture Post!! I took these pics in two bookstores last week- both Barnes and Noble, I think.

Photographic proof of Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger and Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell are both on bookstore shelves!! I loved Shadowed Summer- check out my review last Friday on the myspace blog and enter the contest- and am in the middle of reading Project Sweet Life right now! You can also see Envy by Anna Godberson and Kisses and Lies by Lauren Henderson.

TONS of books here. Was just trying to get the bottom two shelves, but that wasn't working out so I just did a faraway shot. This was to mainly capture Miss Match by Wendy Toliver (bottom right) and Geek Charming by Robin Palmer. But there's also lots of other amazing books on display!!

This was the first time I'd ever seen this book before in person- Sophomore Undercover by Ben Esch. I'm supposed to get a review copy, but none has arrived yet sadly. But here it is in the bookstore! I really love the cover and the book sounds amazing. I hope I get to read it soon! :) By the way, this was taken in the second bookstore as is this next one.

Yes, yes, another picture of Bound South by Susan Rebecca White (Lauren Myracle's sister). They had FIVE copies of this on their shelves, which were originally spine-out with the three books next to it face-out. Well, I remedied that problem, lol. Now, Bound South is in its rightful place, facing out into the store so that people will walk by and be sucked in by the awesome cover and then buy it. :)

And now, the final pic, which has a bit of story behind it. Our heat doesn't work properly. You turn it on and then it keeps going and doesn't stop, so the temperature keeps getting higher and higher. You can't keep it at a set temperature. With the AC, you can though, so I don't understand that, but whatever.

ANYWAY, I was out of town and coming back Wednesday evening. Wednesday morning, my roomie leaves the house and accidentally kept the heat on while she was at work. As you know, we have two cats. My roomie is at work until 5pm and she leaves at like 7:30am. So the heat was on that entire time with no respite for the cats, so she comes home to find them PARCHED and DYING (not really, as they're sturdy creatures, but that's what my roomie said, lol). So she refills their water dishes with cold water and ice cubes, and also puts them in cool areas. Maya happens to be in my bathroom, as there's no vent there so it stayed pretty cool since the door was shut. And Samson was just in the living room with my roomie over near the porch door which was open to let the cool air in.

I arrive home shortly after. I also have to pee. So after my roomie tells me the whole story, I go to my bathroom, knowing that Maya is in there. But I wasn't expecting this:

Isn't that just ADORABLE?!?! Although she did kinda look at me with a "I'M using the bathroom now." expression, lol.

Actually, I have two more pics. We have candles on our dining room table and this is what the heat did to them:

So there you have it! Next week, I'll be posting pics of my bookshelves and piles of books! :)


  1. Don't cats do the cutest things sometimes?

  2. WHOA, how hot IS it in there?!?!?! (And SQUEEEEEEEE! My book in the wild!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. Those candles are hilarious! And adorable cat...(:

  4. Our cat hangs out in the kitchen sink all the time. She loves for us to turn the water on too.

    Love the expression on kitty's face - priceless!

  5. omg, i want your cat! GAH, so jealous of all these cute kitties...like lenore's little emmy!!! I have a dog, and she's insane. lol

    Yay for pictures of books!!! I'm reading Sophomore Undercover at the moment. It's good so far. Really amusing.


  6. haha, love the cat pic, my cat sleeps in the sink all the time;)