Picture drawn by Maggie Stiefvater, 2009. Header made by S.F. Robertson, 2010.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cat Friday (8)

Cat Friday is a somewhat-weekly meme that's similar to Presenting Lenore's Cat Tuesday, in which I show off pictures of my cats. You've seen them in videos wandering by but now you can see them more clearly.

Here's another early kitten photo. On the blanket, we have Khali cuddling with her mommy, Maya. Right next to the blanket is Farley and above her is Meeko. They're all so adorable!!


  1. D'awww, the little dark one! (Meeko, right?) I just want to snuggle him!
    I really wish I'd taken some kitten photos of my cat. Kittens are just too cute!

  2. Aww!! So cute!!
    I love your kittens, they are so precious! and we need some precious in our lives right now.

  3. What a handsome group! I used to post pictures of my cats for "Caturday" (on tumblr), but lately they've been a bit camera shy. That's the drama of a high-profile life, I suppose ;) Anyway, I've just recently found your blog, and I like it very much. Keep up the wonderful work!